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We are Introducing you to our Green Network. It was launched in 2009 with the aim to offer best professional headsets for the call centres and office Industry. Our responsibility is to provide products of exceptional quality that simply work, in any technological environment and with any way of working. After constant market research we have developed the headsets with parameters most important for the customer satisfaction. We grew our organisation with the motto of Your Expectation our Innovation as would never let customer down in respect of different requirements. Our engineers are always there to innovate as per your requirement and expectations. Receiving recognition for your work is always gratifying, yet we look at it as a challenge a challenge to continually innovate and create designs that meet the needs of our customers in unexpected and liberating ways. Green Network offers its clients Strategic Insight, Depth of Expertise and Enterprise, wide capabilities of the large Consulting Companies combined with Responsiveness, Cost Efficiency and Partnership Approach. Its all about Partnerships, be it with our customers, Principals or our very own people who are the most vital link between us & the rest of the world. By working in partnership with the leaders of the telecommunications industry, we ensure that our products are relevant to our customers business. We ensure that they actually improve their way of working, by enabling seamless connectivity with their various systems.


Green Network Telecom (P) Ltd

C- 479, Third Floor, Vikas Puri New Delhi - 110018



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